Pangea Gecko Sexing Kit

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Pangea Gecko Sexing Kit

  • Comes with everything you need to sex your gecko!
  • Pangea Jeweler's Loupe
  • 8 oz Ultra Clear Deli Cup
  • Foam Buffing Pad

The Gecko Sexing Kit comes with everything you need to sex your gecko: A high-quality Pangea Jeweler's Loupe with 30x and 60x magnification and bright LED lights, an 8 oz deli cup to keep your gecko contained, and a soft foam buffing pad to secure the gecko and provide a contrasting background. This kit is perfect if you have a feisty Gecko and you can't keep it under control while trying to sex the Gecko. 

Pangea LED Magnifier Loupe: A Dual 60x / 30x magnifying loupe. Made of durable metal. Solid glass dual magnification lens. LED light for better visibility. Awesome Pangea Logo swivel cover to protect the lens. Plastic case for protection. You can buy a replacement Loupe Here.

8 oz Deli Cup & Foam Pad: 8 oz plastic deli cup with punched holes for airflow. Foam Pad to keep your reptile still, without causing any pain or discomfort. The foam is custom fit for the deli cup.

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