Galapagos Sheet Moss

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Galapagos Sheet Moss

  • Improves humidity
  • Made of real moss
  • Resealable bag for longer shelf life
  • Great for tropical or forest enclosures
  • 8 quarts

Galapagos Sheet Moss adds a natural look and feel to any reptile or amphibian terrarium. These flat chunks of real moss will retain moisture and can help increase humidity in any jungle or forest type habitat. Sheet moss can be used to scape bioactive terrariums and gives microfauna, such as isopods and springtails, lots of places to thrive!

Instructions: Soak for 3-5 minutes, drain any excess water, place sheet moss on the top layer of soil or substrate mixture. Replace or clean as needed. Sheet moss will naturally decompose and can be beneficial for live planted or bioactive habitats.