Galapagos Royal Pillow Moss

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Galapagos Royal Pillow Moss

  • Made of real moss
  • Hydrates Amphibians: Aids Shedding of Reptiles
  • Resealable bag for longer shelf life
  • Sustainable: Sustainably Harvested
  • Long-Lasting: Long-Fiber Pillow Moss
  • 8 quarts

Galapagos Royal Pillow Moss can be used to add natural accents to any reptile or amphibian terrarium. Get creative landscaping any forest or jungle habitat terrain by using these thick clumps of real moss. Royal pillow moss retains moisture and helps improve humidity levels, creating a healthy environment for virtually all species. These decorative substrates have been dehydrated, but if provided with full spectrum light, water, and moderate temperatures, this moss can come back to life!

Pillow Moss is an ideal substrate for Eastern Newts, Fire Bellied Newts, Dart Frogs, Tiger Salamanders, Frogs & Toads, Pythons & Snakes and similar species. They make for perfect hideouts for snakes too! Galapagos Pillow Moss comes in an 8qt resealable bag. 

Instructions: Soak desired quantity of Galapagos Royal Pillow Moss for 3-5 minutes, drain any excess water, add to the top layer of any soil or mixed substrate media. Clean or replace as needed. Some decomposition is normal and beneficial to live planted vivariums.