Galapagos Rope Ladder

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The Rope Ladder by Galapagos is made of a soft all natural material that is easy to clean. Create endless climbing structure with this 14" by 30" decoration piece. Easily installed and modified to fit arboreal reptile habitats. Use in live planted terrarriums with climbing lants to create a perfect natural backdrop while giving your pet lots of places to climb and hide. The large size of this ladder feature helps to maximize space in enclosures. Perfect for arboreal Exo Terra Terrariums, screen cages and more! We recommend the Galapagos Rope Ladder for most small to medium geckos, small arboreal snakes and lizards including:

  • Crested, Gargoyle, chahoua, and other Rhacodactylus geckos
  • Tree frogs
  • Anoles
  • Young iguanas and other small agamids
  • Vine snakes

Size: 14" by 30"