Free Crested Gecko for Teachers

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Free Crested Gecko for Teachers

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This is a chance for us to give back to those who are involved in education. Many of us here at Pangea Reptile were fortunate enough to have teachers who encouraged interests in many fields of study and hobbies. We intend for the geckos to be classroom pets for teachers interested in sharing the experience of raising, caring and enjoying these animals with their students. These geckos should be shipped to a public or private school/university address.

These crested geckos will be 4-6 weeks of age, have full tails and a complete 30 day health guarantee. Since crested geckos are solitary by nature, we ask that you limit 1 gecko per classroom or terrarium. We can't determine the sex for crested geckos this young. We can do our best to judge color but cannot guarantee adult coloration. Available patterns include: harlequin, flame, dalmatian, patternless, tiger, and partial pin stripe.

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