Free Crested Gecko for Teachers




Due to COVID-19 and the inability to hold class, we are temporarily suspending this deal until normal classes resume. If you have already submitted an application it will be honored.



Free Crested Gecko for Teachers

($39.95 shipping applies)

This is a chance for us to give back to those who are involved in education. Many of us here at Pangea Reptile were fortunate enough to have teachers who encouraged interests in many fields of study and hobbies. We intend for the geckos to be classroom pets for teachers interested in sharing the experience of raising, caring and enjoying these animals with their students. These geckos should be shipped to a public or private school/university address.

We will do our best to accommodate your gecko preferences but some restrictions do apply. Since crested geckos are solitary by nature, we ask that you limit 1 gecko per classroom or terrarium. For juveniles we can't determine the sex for crested geckos this young. For subadults and adults, we offer tailles males between 22-40 grams as part of this deal. We can do our best to judge color on junviles, but cannot guarantee adult coloration. Available patterns include: flame, harlequin, and partial pinstripe.

Please keep in mind while we supply the gecko free of charge, we do not supply the setup for the gecko. For information regarding Crested Gecko setups please view our crested gecko caresheet.

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Note: If you do not receive a reply within several business days, please reach out via an alternative e-mail address. School servers can often block responses. 

Customer Testimonial 

Dear Pangea,

      I am writing this email to tell you thank you so much for my gecko. He is absolutely beautiful and I am beyond excited for my students to see him. When I went up pick him up, there were several ladies who were working at the Fed ex store. They were so interested in what was in the box, that after I went to my car and opened the box, I took him back into the store to show them. They then called other employees over to see him as well. When I told them about the kindness that your company showed, they were astonished. They were also so excited for my students to have the experience of seeing him in my classroom.
     I love having animals in my classroom because I think my students truly see animals that they might not ever get to see both up close and personally. I also believe that it helps students not to be fearful of lizards, and in turn will allow them to be more willing to respect lizards and snakes when coming across them in the wild.
      This program is so special and I couldn’t resist letting you know how much I truly appreciate it. Pangea is a wonderful company and I will be sure to tell everyone who I come across how much I appreciate you all!!