Female Super Red Bicolor Crested Gecko Cr-113018-0303

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Female Super Red Bicolor Crested Gecko

  • Weight: 54 grams
  • Female- Ready to Breed
  • Hatched: 11/30/18
  • Super Red
  • Bicolor
  • Yellow Portholes 
  • Yellow Fringe + Kneecaps
  • Nice Crests
  • Blue yes

Whooo this girl is on fire! This ready-to-breed Super Red Bicolor Crested gecko is everything you could ever want in a bicolor and more! With her electric red body and faded orange dorsal, and yellow fringe/porholes, this female has enough warm tones to make the sun jealous! You've seen red bicolors before, but this girl's yellow accents and wide crest make her out of the norm. The yellow portholes are also textured and stick out with a pinstripe like texture. Near her stomach there is a faint cluster of yellow color sprayed along her belly that pairs nicely with her yellow lined knee caps and back legs. If you are looking for a red female for any breeding project, this is your girl. She has the structure most bicolors lack along with the extra porthole flavor. The cherry on this orange cake is her bright blue eyes.

You can find our crested gecko care sheet HERE!