Female Harlequin Partial Pinstripe Crested Gecko Cr-021317-0242

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Female Harlequin Partial Pinstripe Crested Gecko

  • Hatched 02/13/2018
  • Weight:  56.8 grams
  • Partial Pinstripe 
  • Large Crest
  • Harlequin
  • Fringe and Kneecaps

A Crested Gecko in big cat form! This female is a DO NOT MISS! Great for any tiger, harlequin, or pinstripe project- she brings a unique look to the group and is sure to rule over any breeding prpject. She's got a wide crest and dark coloration with a little bit of red at her throat. Her crests stand up and frills out down the pin stripe on her back. Her feet and knees are lined with a golden yellow that matches her regal mottling. To top it off- she's ready to breed! A staff favorite. 

You can find our crested gecko care sheet HERE!