Female Drippy Partial Pinstripe Extreme Crested Gecko Cr-051218-0455

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Female Drippy Partial Pinstripe Extreme Crested Gecko

  • Female 
  • Weight: 48.9 grams
  • Hatched 5/12/2018
  • Proven Breeder
  • Yellow 
  • A couple of spots
  • Nice Crest

The lower laterals on this sumptious female partial pinstripe are yellow with white immersed in the pattern. Her base is chocolate red and she seems to maroon up a little bit around the throat when fired up. Her extreme patterning touches her dorsal near the back legs and you can see the cream start at her belly. She's got some dalmatian spots that up her cuteness and best of all she's ready to breed and has bred before! That means this female crested gecko is a proven breeder! We recomend waiting for her to accimate into your new home before breeding. Make sure to check the calcium sacks too!

If you are a new gecko owner or are just looking for more breeding information, check out our crested gecko care sheet HERE.