Female Cream Partial Pinstripe Extreme Crested Gecko Cr-121619-0580

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Female Cream Partial Pinstripe Extreme Crested Gecko

  • Female
  • Hatched 8/19/19
  • Weight:  20 grams
  • Some white

Beautiful, dark based female with some dripping from the dorsal, but not enough to necessarily call her "drippy", a lot of white on her dorsal, mixed with cream.  She fires up nice and dark and has a yellow head. Her dorsal is creamy with white interspersed, the pattern starting out with a line of white scales, orange lines, and then dark brown. The dark brown shows up further down the dorsal in almost straight lines with a yellow line at the bottom and then bowing out, almost resembling a mouth shape. The left lower lateral has large oblong white shapes along it, and the upper has white orbs, all of which are outlined with orange and yellow. Very interesting patterns to this gal.  You won't want to hesitate and miss your chance to own this pretty gecko!


If you are a new gecko owner or are just looking for more breeding information, check out our Crested Gecko care sheet HERE