Female Flame Dalmatian Crested Gecko Cr-080619-0445

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Female Flame Dalmatian Crested Gecko

  • Female
  • Weight: 33.4 grams
  • Hatched 8/6/2019
  • Dalmatian
  • White fringe and kneecaps

Fired down this female is a cream color, but fired up she is a bit orange with some inkblots, white spots and a few orange or red spots.  Her crests are not wide, but they are kind of wild as they flare up giving her a super- but adorable derpy look!  Her laterals have some white areas as well as her legs which have quite a few white spots. The fringe and kneecaps are embellished with some yellow scales, which stand out when she is fired down and seem to disappear into the sea of yellows when fired up. She's a lovely wee lass on which you do not want to pass. (We're sorry, lol, but not really)

If you are a new gecko owner or are just looking for more breeding information, check out our crested gecko care sheet HERE.