Female C. sarasinorum Kb32

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Collared and Spotted Correlophus Sarasinorum Gecko

  • Female (no sign of pores)
  • Hatched 4/18/2017
  • 15 grams

Care Information: Sarasinorum geckos have almost identical care require ments as crested geckos. Our Saras are raised on Pangea Breeding Formula offered 4 times per week and gut loaded crickets dusted with a calcium and D3 supplement offered once per week. Sarasinorum require larger enclosures as adults, such as an 18x18x24" Exo Terra or similar sized arboreal habitat. This species is known to be a bit more flighty than other New Caledonian species, particularly as juveniles. As adults these geckos can grow to be 11+ inches in total length and will tolerate frequent handling.