• Smaller Quantities of feeder insects
  • FREE SHIPPING on Feeders To Go when you purchase 6 or more in any combination.   
  • Feeders To Go ship every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday via FedEx 2 Day.
  • Ships direct from Pangea Reptile.
  • Live Arrival Guaranteed!

Bulk Feeders

  • Ships separately from our partner cricket farm
  • Bulk Feeders do not count towards the Feeders To Go program

You've come to the right place for your Bulk Live feeder insects. Shipped direct from our partner insect farm and always guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy, or we re-ship them for free. Our crickets are 100% domestic cricket (acheta domesticus) which are harder and harder to find as more places sell the aggressive and skittish banded cricket. Keep your pet satisfied, active, and healthy by offering live reptile food regularly.