Gecko Feeding Ledges

pangea gecko ledge


Geckos are an arboreal species of reptile, meaning they live a large portion of their lives in trees. While up in the trees, Geckos are able to avoid most terrestrial predators that roam the surface beneath. Functioning in trees not only provides a place of safety but allows foraging opportunities, accessible resources, and a sanctuary.

Luckily, Pangea Reptile provides a product allowing geckos to experience their ancestral feeding patterns that have been around for centuries. The product, termed "feeding ledge", is produced in various sizes and materials. The sizes come in small, medium, and large and the two different materials available are acrylic or ABS plastic. The ABS plastic is the strong material which constitutes the ultimate ledges.

For those users who want to use Ultimate Ledges but may have already purchased the small cups, we have a solution. We created a feeding ledge cup adapter. This allows the smaller feeding cups to be used with the larger Ultimate Ledges.

Magnetic Ledges:Acrylic Ledge

- Magnetic ledges allow for a quicker setup and move

- Last Longer

- Higher durability

- May not be able to reach through thick-walled enclosures

Suction Cup Ledges:

- Supports higher weight without sliding 

- More aesthetically pleasing

- Less stress on wallsAcrylic Ledge

Installation and Uses of Ledges