Exo Terra Terrarium Bio Drain

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Exo Terra Terrarium Bio Drain

Terrarium Draining Mesh

  • Wicks away moisture
  • Separates layers of substrate
  • Non-toxic and non decomposable
  • Prevents dirt from mixing with the water source

Use Exo Terra Terrarium Bio Drain to prevent your decorative substrate from mixing with your drainage substrate. No more mushy and smeared dirt or quickly dissolving substrate that sends you back to the store! Just place between differing layers. Ideal for pets who desire both terrestrial and aquatic habitats! A must for pets who tend to dig and destroy your well thought out cage decor and earth formations. Keeps their crystal-clear swimming water free of contaminants and other sand, soil, or moss particles. Use at an angle to encourage draining into the water source.

It is ideal to create water parts and a biological filtration system in the terrarium using the Exo Terra BioDrain Terrarium Draining Substrate. The clean terrarium water can then be circulated in waterfalls, the Exo Terra Misting System or Dripping Plants. New terrarium? No problem. Remove bio drain, rinse, and reuse. A bio-friendly option and a leap in the right direction.