Exo Terra Scindapsus Smart Plant

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Exo Terra Scindapsus Smart Plant

  • Ideal for tree frogs, geckos and other small herps
  • Fits into any terrarium theme
  • Large flat leaves
  • 21" Tall
  • Easy to clean

The Exo Terra Scindapsus Smart Plant spruces up any terrarium with ease. The round, full leaves provide a perching spot for tree frogs, geckos, and other forest friends. The leaves can be situated over water to stimulate breeding behavior in species of frog like the red eyed tree frogs. With a firm base this plant won't tip and fall over and it can be used to allow geckos to get closer to your heat or light source. Use underneath a dripper to create a leafy stream that your pet will eagerly lap up. To clean simply wash and rinse thoroughly. Reposition until you find your desired fit! A smart choice for you and your herp.