Exo Terra Repti-Glo T8 Linear UVB Bulbs

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Exo Terra Repti-Glo T8 UVB Bulbs

  • High UVB output 
  • Improves calcium assimilation and D3 photosynthesis
  • Available in a variety of sizes & UVB levels

The Exo Terra Repti-Glo linear UVB bulbs have a higher output and divide the energy more efficiently over wider terrariums. Exo Terra has a full range of seven sizes of each type, 2.0, 5.0 and 10.0, in order to cater to any terrarium size or species requirements. These bulbs fit T8 lighting fixtures.

Repti Glo 2.0
The Exo Terra Repti Glo 2.0 is a general light source with a high visual light output and a very high color rendering index (CRI), but a lower UVB radiation. This bulb is suitable for snakes, all amphibians (frogs, toads and salamanders) and nocturnal animals. Plants will thrive under this light as well. It is also a perfect complementary light to a UVB bulb to boost visual light.

Repti Glo 5.0
The Exo Terra Repti Glo 5.0 has a moderate to high UVB output, similar to that of shady environments such as rain forests and other tropical locations. Reptiles living in these habitats receive less UV radiation because of the many climatological conditions (fairly high humidity, changes in weather, etc) that prevent direct sunlight from reaching them or their basking sites.

Repti Glo 10.0
The Exo Terra Repti Glo 10.0 has a very high UVB output similar to that associated with desert environments. Desert locations receive more direct sunlight than any other because of fewer clouds, less air humidity and no plants or trees to provide shade. Therefore desert reptiles are more exposed to UV radiation than any other type of reptile. This bulb can also be used on screened terrariums or terrariums with dense screen covers to ensure UVB penetration. Dense screens can filter out up to 50% of the UVB rays.

The longer sizes can even be placed across multiple terrariums.

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