Exo Terra Mister Portable Pressure Sprayer

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Exo Terra Mister Portable Pressure Sprayer

  • Settings include single stream or full mist
  • Contains a locking mechanism for continuous spraying
  • Pumps to maximize water pressure
  • Holds up to 2 liters
  • Works for terrariums, greenhouses, and plants

The Exo Terra Mister Portable Pressure Sprayer makes providing adequate moisture and humidity manageable and systematic. Spray over multiple set-ups without having to refill or readjust. To use fill Exo Terra Mister bottle with filtered or distilled water. Tighten top and pump the handle to build up long-lasting pressure. To emit water output press top button on the handle. Don't spray directly on your pet! To set a continuous spray press second button. Turn the tip of the nozzle to adjust the width of the stream to meet your needs. Water dragons, geckos, frogs, and more will adore!

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