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Exo Terra Philodendron Smart Plant

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Exo Terra Philodendron Smart Plant

  • Creates a large shaded area
  • Height allows reptiles to obtain rays from light source
  • Can be positioned over water to induce breeding
  • 20" tall

From Philo meaning love and dendron meaning trees, this smart plant will have both you and your herp falling in love with its various earthy features. Shapely leaves allow for pockets of shade and a tall stem offers height to get your pet closer to your light or heat source. These options in elevation create accessible temperature variations that are necessary for a well planned and thriving terrarium. Designed for species of tree frog that lay their eggs over a water source, this plant can be positioned in whatever way suits your pet's needs. A great choice for geckos, frogs, anoles, and chameleons. Can also be used in aquariums or vivariums.