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Exo Terra Pandanus Smart Plant

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Exo Terra Pandanus Smart Plant

  • Natural looking hiding place for geckos and frogs
  • Realistic and sturdy leaves
  • 25" Tall
  • Easy to clean

Sacred to the Hindu god Shiva, the Pandanus plant (meaning screw-pine) is both a smart and significant option in cage decor. With large and expansive leaves the Exo Terra Pandanus plant is a supreme option for coverage and safety. Imagine your gecko, frog, or other critter perched atop a high-arching leaf or comfortably nestled in folds near the base. This plant has plenty of length and offers different levels for climbing and crouching for your pet to experience different temperatures at various heights! It can be used in live vivariums, aquariums, or tropically themed terrariums. Cleaning is a snap. Just throw in the dishwasher or hand wash and rinse thoroughly.