Exo Terra Monsoon Solo

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Exo Terra Monsoon Solo

The Exo Terra® Monsoon SOLO is a compact programmable misting system suitable for 1 terrarium with the included nozzle, or 2 terrariums with an additional nozzle. The specially designed flexible spray nozzle produces a very fine fog like mist and is poseable to just about any direction making it suitable for a wide variety of reptile and amphibian species or small greenhouses. For larger enclosures, such as an Exo Terra 18x18x24" terrarium, an additional nozzle is reccomended to thoroughly mist the entire habitat. This monsoon rainfall system can be programmed to mist several times within a 24 hour period and misting duration can be set anywhere from 2 seconds up to 2 minutes. The reservoir is quick and easy to refill with a sloped quick fill top and holds 1.5 liters (.40 gallons).

This model is great for anyone who needs their terrariums misted regularly, whether they are away for the day or for the weekend.

Included in the box

  • 1 - Exo Terra Monsoon Solo (5.5” x 5.5” x 6.7” / 14 x 14 x 17 cm)
  • 1 - flexible spray nozzle
  • 1 - extra long high pressure tube
  • 1 - power supply

For indoor use only