Exo Terra Monsoon Nozzles (2 pack)

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Exo Terra Monsoon Nozzles

  • Compatible with RS400 Monsoon Rainfall system
  • Features 2 nozzles to expand the misting reach
  • Outputs a light, fine mist
  • Easy to install, clean, and rearrange

Maybe you upgraded to a larger cage and don't want to pay a larger price for the same humidity your terrarium previously held. Or maybe your herps just need a little moisture boost. Whatever your misting need is, Exo Terra has you covered!

The Exo Terra Monsoon Nozzles help to expand your misting range. With a fine layer of mist that will aid in humidity without overpowering your herps, the Monsoon nozzles are a great addition for your Rainfall system. Plus their lightweight and detachable parts make cleaning, removal, and rearranging a snap!

The Exo Terra Monsoon Nozzles allow you to expand your existing Exo Terra Monsoon misting system (up to six nozzles). Or extend the system to multiple terrariums using additional Y-connectors and Tubing.