Exo Terra Hanging Silk Plants

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Exo Terra Hanging Jungle Plants

  • Lifelike look and feel
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available in Ficus, Abutilon and Ruscus options

Exo Terra Hanging Jungle Silk Plants are the perfect addition to any reptile terrarium. Add lush greenery and offer your pet more hiding places with these natural looking hanging plants. The leaves are made of a soft silk-like fabric that looks similar to live plants, but without the maintenance! Jungle Plants can be used in live planted terrariums to add extra coverage without compromising a naturalistic look. Easy to clean! Easy to install with suction cups or mounting to branches and other wood decor.

The Exo Terra Hanging Jungle Plants come in 3 different styles. The Abutilon, the Ficus, and the Ruscus plants with no flowers. The plants are very lifelike and feel realistic. 

Small: 12" length
Medium: 15" length
Large: 20" length

Do you need suction cups? Is your plant not hanging the way you want it to? We offer extra suction cups here, perfect for holding vines for heavier reptiles. It's better to have more suction cups than not enough.