Exo Terra Full Moon LED

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Exo Terra Full Moon LED

  • Lights up automatically in the dark!
  • Simulates dim natural moonlight
  • Does not emit heat
  • Provides perfect night time viewing for nocturnal animals!
  • Uses very low energy
  • Magnetized back attaches to the metal screen
  • Power supply included

How many times have you wished you could see your animal basking under the light of the moon? Wish no more! The Exo Terra Full Moon simulates natural moonlight so you can observe your animal without disturbing its natural sleep cycle. The Full Moon mimics a moonlight shimmer that enables you to observe your animals at night without disturbing their natural behavior. It provides crepuscular and nocturnal animals with a dim moonlight which allows them to navigate in their territory in search of insects, mating-partners, etc… In total darkness these animals would be completely disoriented.

This fixture turns on automatically when your lights turn off, creates almost no heat and mounts to your metal screen terrarium top with a strong magnet. The Full Moon’s surface is littered with craters in order to give it a realistic moon-like appearance.The low heat emission of the Full Moon allows a natural night-time temperature drop inside the terrarium.

Note: The Exo Terra Full Moon LED fixture mounts inside of terrariums attached to screened terrarium lids only. Always install a minimum of 4 inches away from any terrarium hood fixture that emits heat. Keep away from direct contact with water from misting systems, hand pump sprayers, and foggers. 

Dimensions: 4" diameter, 1" thick