Exo Terra Dinosaur Egg Hideout

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Exo Terra Dinosaur Egg Hideout

  • Natural fossil look
  • Integrates in any type of terrarium
  • Provides a secure hiding place
  • Helps to prevent stress
  • Ideal to create a humid microclimate

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for more then 140 million years and are considered to be the ancestors of today’s reptiles. The Exo Terra Dinosaur Eggs add a prehistoric accent to your terrarium and provide a multilevel hide-out. The Exo Terra Dinosaur Eggs provide a shelter with multiple entrances for easy access and allow you to create a cool, moist microclimate within the terrarium. This fossil hide-out offers a safe spot to hide and sleep, while the moist microclimate will support thermo-regulation and hydration, and aid the natural shedding process of reptiles.

The Dinosaur Egg Hideout by Exo Terra is the perfect decorative reptile cave for small geckos, lizards, snakes and Pacman frogs. Features 2 caves and a shallow dish-like area to give your pet lots of options. Add damp moss or substrate to create the ultimate humidifying hide to help hydrate and allow your reptile to shed easily. Looks great in a variety of environments from desert to tropical.

Dimensions: 7" x 7.5" x 6"

Reptile hides are an important piece of decor for a terrarium. Most reptiles require a hide to be able regulate their body temperature. Additionally they need a safe space to go when they are feeling scared.