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Pangea Leafy Vine Colorful, vibrant, and naturalistic design Includes 4 suction cups! Reptile and Amphibian safe 6' length...
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Suction Cup With Vine Hook Very strong and reliable Easily holds any terrarium decoration For use on cleaned glass or smooth plastic...
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Fluker's Repta Vines Colorful and natural looking 6' total length Bendable and twistable Reptile and Amphibian safe...
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Small Zoo Med Natural Bush 14" length Hygienic and easy to wash Several varieties to choose from Bright and colorful...
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Medium Natural Bush Plant Great decoration Provides needed cover Excellent for climbing Safe and non-toxic These...
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Large Natural Bush Hanging Plant Versatile Durable and long lasting Looks like real jungle plants Large 22" size Go big...
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Exo Terra Hanging Jungle Plants Lifelike look and feel Easy maintenance Available in Ficus, Abutilon and Ruscus options Exo...


Hanging plants are an easy way to furnish tropical reptile enclosures with very little maintenance. Most arboreal species of geckos, lizards and snakes will enjoy taking full advantage of the additional climbing and hiding structure. A big advantage of using fake plants in terrariums is the ease of cleaning. You can also add these to any live planted vivarium to help fill in the upper sections of a habitat, especially while waiting for live plants to grow in and fill out the enclosure.