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House Crickets (Acheta Domesticus)

House Cricket Pros

  • Not aggressive towards animals or humans

House Cricket Cons

  • Relatively noisy (Adults sing)
  • Very susceptible to AdDNV cricket virus
  • Not extremely hearty/Shorter life span compared to Banded Crickets
  • More odor compared to Banded Crickets


Values are on a dry matter basis (moisture removed)

Protein: 46.8%
Fat: 22.1%
Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio: 1:9

Crickets are great feeder insects for most reptiles! They are packed with protein and have good moisture content making them a healthy food source! Additionally crickets jump around, so they encourage a feeding response and exercise! You can learn more about crickets from our Cricket Care Sheet!

Our to-go boxes were created so you can give your animal a varied diet. Mix and match any way you want and save on shipping in the process! You can find the rest of our to-go box insects here!

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