CBB Unsexed Baby Tokay Geckos

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Captive Bred Juvenile Tokay Geckos

  • 6-12 weeks of age
  • Unsexed
  • Live arrival and 30 day health guarantee

Our F2 captive bred tokay geckos (Gecko gekko) are patterned with white and orange spots - just as they would be in the wild. These are increasingly popular for their ease of care and basic cage requirements. Tokay geckos thrive on live insects and are fun to watch as they hunt their prey!

The staff here at Pangea Reptile works closely with all of our available geckos, and these young tokays get regular handling along with exceptional care. In many cases, captive tokay geckos can become tolerant of handling and interaction with their owners after being handled on a regular basis.

We consider this species to be an intermediate-advanced level species as they can be challenging to handle. Tokays make great display animals and should be housed in large tropical arboreal terrariums. The recommended cage size for our juveniles is a 12x12x18" Exo Terra glass terrarium. These geckos should be upgraded to an 18x18x24" or larger enclosure once the gecko reaches 20 grams.