Australia Wildfires

What's going on in Australia?Australia Wildfires 2020

"Australia has wildfires that are currently burning across Australia, predominantly in the south-east. The 2019–20 bushfire season is of notable intensity compared to previous seasons as it has burned an estimated 10.7 million hectares (26 million acres; 107,000 square kilometers; 41,000 square miles) – roughly the size of South Korea, Iceland, or Guatemala – destroyed over 5,900 buildings (including over 2,204 homes) and killed at least 28 people as of 13 January 2020. An estimated one billion animals have also been killed and some endangered species may be driven to extinction. The bushfires are regarded by the NSW Rural Fire Service as the worst bushfire season in memory. In December 2019 the New South Wales Government declared a state of emergency after record-breaking temperatures and prolonged drought exacerbated the bushfires." - Snippet from Wikipedia.

What is Pangea doing to help?

Here at Pangea wildlife is important to us. We are animal people, so we sympathize with what is going on with the Wildfires. Most of our Geckos are natively from Australia

Pangea will be donating all of its proceeds on our Donation Gecko product to the Zoos of Victoria. This is the same donation that Grand Rapids local John Ball Zoo is donating too, so we want to join in that support. 

Gecko Donation Button

The Donation Handpicked Gecko will be marked with an Australia symbol. So, if you were planning on buying one from Pangea you will be helping donate to this serious cause! You will also receive a thank you certificate from Pangea in your Gecko Shipment!


Donation Gecko Pangea will also be auctioning off one of our beautiful geckos and all proceeds will go to the same donation!

Auction Rules:
Starting Bids at $600
Serious Bids Only
Highest Bidder Wins
Post your Bid as a Comment on the Pinned Post of Pangea's Facebook
Bids will end at 12:00 Noon EST on 1/29/20

Gecko Auction Button*Shipping is not included. *Contiguous US residents only.

What Can I do to help?

Australian Koala

Maybe you don't need to buy anything listed on the website, but you still want to help. Below we will provide a donation button where you can make your own donation. We know that anything helps in these situations and maybe our donations can be what helps save some people, plants, and animals during this grim time. 

Zoos Victoria Button


What does my donation do to help?

Whether you buy our product for us to donate in your name, or you donate on your own all of the funds will go to Zoos Victoria.

Directly from the Victoria Zoos website:
"Every donation will fund:

  • Emergency veterinary care
  • Scientific intervention (such as exploring supplementary feeding for the animals who have survived, but whose habitats have been destroyed by the bushfires)

As a not-for-profit organization, all money raised will be used in consultation with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to ensure it is most effectively assisting injured wildlife and their habitat."

For more information visit Zoos Victoria and get all the details on your donation.