Assorted Cork Bark Round

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Assorted Cork Bark Round

  • Long lasting and mold resistant
  • Suitable for all types of habitats including desert, tropical, and aquatic!
  • Creates natural hiding places and climbing branches
  • Easy to cut, trim or modify to create stunning custom structures and backgrounds

Our virgin cork rounds are available in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of any reptile, amphibian, insect or arachnid habitat! Cork tubes can simply be placed into your pet's habitat, or create custom structures and terrarium backgrounds with some simple DIY know-how. Cork is naturally mold and mildew resistant making it a great addition to even the most humid environments. Our quality assorted cork bark rounds are hand selected by our crew with your reptiles in mind. Variation in dimensions and textures will vary - not all cork rounds are the same.

Installation: Some pieces may have a small amount of loose debris that can be rinsed clean. Add your cork into your pet's habitat in any configuration making sure they are firmly in place or affixed to prevent from falling.