Arcadia ShadeDweller ProT5 Replacement Bulb

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Arcadia ShadeDweller ProT5 Replacement Bulb

  • Full Spectrum Lamp
  • 7% UVB \ 17% UVA
  • 8 Watt lamp
  • Flicker Free 
  • Full 12 month UV-B lifespan
  • Specifically designed for crepuscular reptiles
  • Creates temperature gradients ideal for self-regulation

Arcadia ShadeDweller Pro T5 bulbs are perfect for crepuscular (shade-dwelling) reptiles species while also being suitable for many diurnal species living in shallow enclosures. These bulbs offer temperature gradients that are ideal for these reptiles. They are active during dawn and dusk so this bulb offers the correct light for them. ShadeDweller™ produces the perfect ratio of 17% UV-A and 7% UV-B for effective and natural Vitamin D3 production where an average UV Index of 0.80-1.00 can be achieved at 10”/25cm from the lamp.

This 8W lamp uses the very latest in German engineering to produce a high quality, crisp and very stable projection of UV rich light for one whole year of use. The lamp is energy efficient, drawing just 8 watts and measuring 12”/30cm in length. Perfect for creating usable areas of ‘light and shade’ for the accurate and safe self-regulation of the essential D3 cycles. 

The Arcadia Reptile ‘ShadeDweller™’ boosts an output of around 400 lumens and maintains a color of 6k Kelvin, while ensuring a crisp and very natural CRI of over 90. Partner up with the Arcadia Reptile 50w Deep Heat Projector as the most usable and effective source of heat.