Aluminum Foil Tape By The Foot

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Aluminum Foil Tape By The Foot

  • Price is per foot.
  • 2" wide tape.
  • Easy Peel & Stick.

Two inch wide adhesive backed aluminum tape that can take the heat! This should only be used along the edge of heat tape to secure it to a safe surface such as the inside of a rack system. The perfect solution for keeping under tank heating elements firmly in place, especially with rack systems that can sometimes get caught on the edges of heat tape when sliding tubs in or out.

Foil tapes resist failure from common sources of degradation including moisture, ultraviolet rays and many chemicals, and are commonly used for reflecting, wrapping, masking, sealing, and more. Adheres to surfaces for an immediate seal. This tape is hand tearable, so no additional tools are necessary. 

Do Not place across the heating element as it could conduct too much heat. It's not recommended to use for securing your probe. It can cause false readings.