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Zoo Med ReptiVine

Zoo Med ReptiVine

  • Flexible Hanging Vine for Terrariums or Paludariums
  • Flexible & Functional Climbing Surface
  • Gives Greater Access to Canopy & Basking Sites
  • Great for All Tree Dwelling Arboreal Reptiles
  • 40" Long

The Zoo Med ReptiVine is a bendable and multi-limb vine that can be used to customize any terrarium. This 40" long plant is the perfect size for any setup. You can bend and twist it into any shape to create a natural bridge for your pets. It also has smaller bendy branches that give the vine a natural look and can be set in anyway you like.

The ReptiVine is water resistant making it perfect to use in a Paludarium. Your reptile can use this vine to crawl away for some privacy. Or they can cling to it and hide away.