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Zoo Med ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner

  • Removes chloramines and chlorine
  • Detoxifies ammonia and nitrates
  • Provides beneficial electrolytes
  • Made in the USA

Reptile water conditioner provides better quality drinking water and hydration for pet reptiles, arachnids, amphibians and crustaceans. Use this detoxifier to treat any filtered or even unfiltered tap water for recently shipped or transported reptiles. Using ReptiSafe can improve slime coat development in frogs and other amphibians. Use this conditioner in water sources such as water bowls, chameleon drip systems, aquatic turtle habitats and spray bottles to provide a cleaner drinking water source with the benefit of improved hydration with added electrolytes.

Directions: General use for reptile terrariums: Add 2-3 drops of ReptiSafe per 8 ounces or 1 cup of water. Aquatic Turtle/Amphibians: Add 3 teaspoons per gallon of tank water for turtles, or water used in a misting system/hand sprayer for amphibians.

Not Available For International Shipments