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Zoo Med Basking Spot Lamp

  • Patented reflective coating focuses up to 35% more light and heat
  • Perfect for creating warm basking sites
  • Great for animals that require moderate to high heat basking areas
  • 3 month warranty

These heat lamps are popular for a range of reptile species including tortoises, bearded dragons, ball pythons, monitor lizards and so much more. Zoo Med uses a unique coating that focuses more energy into a concentrated area as well as helping to improve ambient temperatures within reptile enclosures. These basking lamps provide beneficial UVA light that can help stimulate daytime activity, feeding response and breeding behavior. Creating a temperature gradient by providing a basking site using a Zoo Med Basking Spot Lamp at one end of your enclosure will help allow your reptile to properly thermoregulate throughout the day. These bulbs do not emit UVB.

Directions: Minimize handling to reduce how often these bulbs need to be replaced. Use in ceramic light fixtures. Using a Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp is recommended due to the heat output of these bulbs. Allow your heat lamp to be on for 10-12 hours during the daytime to provide a day/night cycle. Connecting your light fixture to a mechanical timer will guarantee a consistent daytime heat source.