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Zen Corner Cave - Stone by Zen Habitats

Zen Corner Cave - Stone by Zen Habitats

Basking Spot & Hide


  • 13" x 12" x 7"
  • Slate stone top: 7" x 5"

Slate Stone Top

  • Stores heat from basking bulb
  • Releases infrared-C
  • Removable for easy cleaning

Large Hide

  • Helps your reptile feel safe & secure

Most reptiles benefit from infrared light to help them thermoregulate. Infrared light (IR-A, IR-B, IR-C) penetrates deep, warming their entire bodies. Reptiles benefit from a combination of IR-A, IR-B, and IR-C. The sun, or your basking spot bulb, produces the needed IR-A/B. IR-C is produced from stored heat on surfaces such as rocks, which is the reason many reptiles bask on rocks in the wild. Our Zen Cave includes a slate stone basking spot, which provides the IR-C your reptile needs.

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