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Solarmeter® Model 6.2 UV Meter

  • One hand operation with simple push button operation.
  • Silicon Dioxide sensor for accurate sampling.
  • LCD Display
  • Made in the USA
  • The best meter for monitoring reptile bulbs for UVB output.

Like all of us, you've spent a lot of money on getting the proper UV bulbs but how do you tell when it's time to replace them? That's where this invaluable tool comes into play. The Solarmeter® model 6.2 helps you monitor the light intensity and aging, so there's no more guessing when to get new bulbs. This meter has a peak sensitivity of 295nm which is the ideal wavelength for vitamin D3 synthesis.

To use the meter, just aim the sensor (located at the top of the unit) at your UV source and then press and hold the button on the front of the unit. Take your readings at the same distance from the bulb each time to ensure accurate and repeatable results with this UVB meter for reptiles.

When bulbs drop to about 70% of their original output, it's time to replace them.