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Ocean Mist Ultrasonic Mist Maker/Humidifier

  • AC power adapter included
  • Increases ambient humidity
  • 5000 hour rated membrane

These powerful, compact mister humidifiers produce water vapor via ultrasonic vibration for a very fine micron size droplet correcting the humidity of the air dried out by central heating or environmental conditions. Each unit is cool running and gives 100% humidity. All Mist Makers are supplied complete with transformer and low water cut out. The correct water level is important to the operation of the mist machine, it should be placed just below the water level. For systems with deep water, a float should be used to hold the Mist Maker at the correct depth, to ensure maximum performance.

The ceramic membrane has a lifespan of approximately 5000 working hours, depending on water quality. This membrane can easily be replaced when required and should the membrane become contaminated, it can be cleaned using a soft cloth.

The Ultrasonic Mist Maker foggers are cool running (most humidifiers on the market have a heating element). Mist Makers have a very quiet operation and require no wiring as it plugs directly into a standard electrical plug. The most reliable misters on the market. The most reliable water sensor system. Uses specially coated discs for less frequent changing.