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Reptile Systems New Dawn UVI Flood LED

  • High levels of full-spectrum light
  • Ideal wavelengths for plant growth 
  • UVB for vitamin D3 synthesis.
  • UVA for reptile vision
  • 6500K for realistic color rendering 
  • Compact design

Experience the Reptile Systems New Dawn UVI Flood LED, combining light spectrums rarely seen in traditional lighting systems. The ideal wavelengths promote plant growth, while the 28 UVB diodes ensures the synthesis of essential Vitamin D3. The UVA output is a bonus that will illuminate your reptile's world. This light has a high UV radiation >2 mW/klm and is only approved for use in the terrarium sector. Its compact design makes it easy to install, while its superior performance makes it the ideal choice for many bioactve and planted vivaria. Illuminate your terrarium with this top-of-the-line UV light!