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Pangea Buttons

Pangea Button

  • Vibrant Pangea Logo
  • Durable steel pin
  • 1.5" Round Button
  • Available in 25 Packs

Do you like repping Pangea Reptile products? Pangea offers awesome Gecko Foot Pangea Logo Buttons! These 1.5" round buttons feature full-color printing and a durable steel pin-back. Pin them to a shirt, hoodie, hat, backpack, laptop bag, or basically anything you can stick a needle in! If you don't want to pay for shipping for one of these buttons visit us at one of the many reptiles shows we go to throughout the year and we will have them available.

Our buttons stand out perfectly on our Pangea T-Shirts available on our website! You can also buy them in a bulk 25 pack. The 25 pack is perfect for biology classes, reptile clubs, and other like-minded groups of Pangea Loving People!