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Pangea Aqua Balls

Pangea Aqua Balls

  • Lightweight semi-porous drainage layer
  • Promotes healthy growth of live plants
  • Keeps water clean, uncontaminated
  • Helps create a stable humidity gradient

Pangea Aqua Balls are a lightweight expanded clay substrate of superior design. Engineered with a uniform pore structure they optimize surface area for beneficial bacteria and microfiltration when used with naturalistic or bioactive terrarium habitats.

Durable, reusable, and long-lasting, Pangea Aqua Balls make a perfect medium with many uses:

Terrarium / Vivariums: Use as a base layer beneath Pangea ABG Substrate and Pangea Drainage Mesh Substrate Barrier to create an underground water table for animals and live plants. This natural "aquifer" benefits all tropical species by increasing humidity levels, stimulating plant growth,  and promoting healthy drainage to maintain a stable eco-climate. Aqua balls are the perfect way to keep your substrate from contaminating your water source.

Houseplants / Hydroponics: Pangea Aqua Balls are the ideal medium for plants whether used as a drainage layer for baskets or for use with hydroponic systems. Promotes healthy drainage and increased aeration for plant roots. Their moisture absorbing qualities are perfect for successfully rooting new plant cuttings.

Notice: Dust settling may occur. Thoroughly rinse all expanded clay substrates with dechlorinated, distilled, or reverse osmosis water before use.

How much do you need?

First, calculate the area of the enclosure you are covering:

Length (inches) x Width (inches)=Area (inches)

Now divide the area you calculated by 231to get the amount of bags you would need per inch of depth. 

Area/231 = ~Bags per inch of depth.

Bag Weight: 4 lbs

Ball Size: 8 - 16 mm