Meridian Deluxe Stacking Spacer for Zen Habitats Enclosures

Meridian Deluxe Stacking Spacer for Zen Habitats Enclosures

This revolutionary, patent-pending, folding, collapsible enclosure spacer can be assembled in as little as a minute! With this design, we have maintained the quality and aesthetic of our original line of enclosures, stands, and spacers while making it the most user-friendly spacer on the market. 

  • Assembles with just 8 screws! Our new folding, collapsible reptile enclosure spacer assembles in a minute or two with just eight security screws! They also offer more expansion opportunities with the same quality and value as our other bestselling reptile enclosures. 
  • Ideal for stacking multiple enclosures (with 4'x2' base)with external lighting or heating fixtures
  • 4'x2'x1'
  • VHB tape (Very High Bond) to fasten the stand to the enclosure
  • Can be used as a stand or a spacer
  • Can support up to 150 lbs. of loose substrate
  • 3-year warranty*

 This item ships flat.  Free shipping included.

*The shipment of this item will be separate from the rest of your order. Tracking information for this product will be sent separately as well. 

The Zen Habitats Deluxe Stacking Spacer is a beautiful and easy way to stack multiple Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosures while providing ventilation for the bottom enclosure.  Zen Habitats Deluxe Stacking Spacer is 12” tall, perfect for those who need external lighting, and has two bamboo front sliding doors allowing easy access to lighting fixtures.  The Deluxe Stacking Spacer is made of the same material used in our enclosures, which makes them look amazing together.  We use VHB (Very High Bond) tape to fasten the stand and enclosure.