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Male Tailless Drippy Solid Back Crested Gecko Cr-061119-0714

Male Tailless Drippy Solid Back Crested Gecko

  • Male
  • Hatched 6/11/2019
  • Weight:  43.3 grams on 10/22/22
  • Drippy
  • Solid back
  • A lot of white

Even without a tail this guy is so gorgeous! Lots of white all over on this guy from the drips on the dorsal into the upper laterals on the legs in the side patterning it's just all over! He even has the cool double spikes on the corners of his crests. His dorsal is a creamy yellow cream and white with some specks of orange popping up here and there but mostly just solid color. He's got a dark base which is beautifully contrasted with all the cream yellow and white. Don't pass up the chance to own this guy!


If you are a new gecko owner or are just looking for more breeding information check out our crested gecko care sheet here.

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