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Male Normal Tokay Gecko T-030

  • Gekko gecko 
  • Male
  • Juvenile
  • Normal

Tokay's are large carnivorous geckos that feed mostly on insects with staples like Crickets and Dubia Roaches. A variety of feeders should be provided like Hornworms, Wax Worms, and Super Worms. A quality multivitamin and calcium supplement should be dusted on feeder insects. Be sure to use a premium gut load for your insects like Pangea's PIG, to ensure your gecko is receiving the best nutrition possible.

Found throughout Southern and Southeast Asia, the Tokay gecko is well known for its bite and bark. Tokays can sometimes be defensive and in combination with their strong jaws results in "quite the combo". Tokay geckos have one of the loudest calls among geckos. In the evening, especially during mating season, you can hear a very audible "Toe-Kay" call, hence the common name Tokay Gecko. 

With some proper attention, care, and training Tokay geckos can become tame animals that will come out of their enclosures onto your hand to receive a treat!  Watch our 3-part series on How to Tame Your Tokay on YouTube.

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