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MagNaturals Hanging Jungle

  • Install or relocate in seconds
  • No glue or velcro
  • 100% non-toxic materials
  • Magnetic force guaranteed for life
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximize terrarium space
  • Create exciting terrariums with multiple units

MagNaturals are locked against terrarium glass with Mega Magnetic Power! This 12" Hanging Jungle flora creates an inviting tropical terrarium by covering the back wall of a terrarium with a beautiful cascading plant. By attaching to the terrarium wall, MagNaturals take advantage of the terrariums vertical space providing climbing and hiding branches as well as aesthetic value. The hanging artificial plant also provides a source of cover and security for your pet making it a must for species like geckos or other small reptiles and amphibians. Simply hold the plant side up to the desired position and slide the remaining magnet across the outside of the terrarium until the magnets meet on opposing sides of the glass. Your pet will be immersed in natural looking plant life in seconds!