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Female Cream Brindle Crested Gecko Cr-1076

Female Cream Brindle Crested Gecko Cr-1076

  • Female
  • Weight: 46.2 grams on 4/14/22
  • Brindle
  • Cream Pattern
  • Large Crests
  • Ready to Breed!

What an unusual-looking lady. Her cream pattern is barely distinguishable from her light base. The ever-present tiger gene brindles over her dorsal with a little saddling. Her tail got a lot of tiger, so much so that it is quite a bit darker than her body. Considering most geckos have dark bases and light tails, this girl is standing out from the crowd with the opposite. She is read to breed too!

If you are a new gecko owner or are just looking for more breeding information check out our crested gecko care sheet here.

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