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4’x2’x4’ Meridian PVC Panel Reptile Enclosure by Zen Habitats

4’x2’x4’ Meridian PVC Panel Reptile Enclosure

The Zen Habitats Meridian reptile enclosure really is a game-changer; it's the most user-friendly reptile vivarium available! It only takes a few minutes to assemble, and when you're done, you'll have a reptile enclosure that is as attractive and sturdy as their original vivariums. Plus, it's stackable using stands and spacers to create a custom reptile enclosure setup that’s perfect for you and your pet!
More great benefits:
• Composite PVC allows for flexible humidity levels, 0-100%.
• Spacious enough for your pet to run, jump, and climb.
• Front-sliding removable acrylic doors allow you to approach your pet in the least stressful way.
• Bamboo-finished panels can retain heat up to 10 times better than glass.
• Non-reflective surfaces reduce anxiety in your pet.


• Eight security screws for assembly
• Stackable
• Weighs 42 pounds when assembled
• Suitable for all humidity levels, 0-100%, based on pet-specific needs
• Optional humidity shield to help manage humidity levels
• Shield included for those that use loose substrate
• Equivalent to 80 gallons in size
• Strong steel screen for security and durability
• Support bars for multiple lighting options
• Wire door lock and door wraps included for added security
• Free shipping included
• Item ships flat and assembles with ease
• Three-year limited warranty

Ideal For

• Chameleons
• Water Dragons
• Tree Boas
• Bearded Dragons
• Other Arboreal or Semi-Arboreal species