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Thread: FOR SALE High End Super Dalmatians

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    Default FOR SALE High End Super Dalmatians

    We have several pairs of animals that produce great supers! Just a few are listed here.

    We have a few super dal babies available right now.Additional photos and pics of parents available.

    Photo 1. MaFrAA814. Mauna Kea X Frankincense. 8.9 grams. Seeing pores.
    Kid that is full of red spots already! Comes from a red pair that produces amazing supers!
    Mauna Kea produced by Altitude Exotics out of his confetti line.
    Frankincense from Kasi Faulkins out of Kung Pow (Gaverick x Gabrielle) and Azreal.
    $450 plus shipping.

    Photo 2. AmKaA1031. Amby X Kanucka Jack. Gorgeous patternless yellow! Spots just starting to come in. 5.9 grams, no pores
    Amby produced at Gecko Haven out of Lala and Cosmic Boy (Bubbles)
    Kanucka Jack produced at Gecko Haven out of Venus and Red Dog Mine.
    $350 plus shipping.

    Photo 3. RePaB819. Red Eye X Paydirt. 8 grams. Unsexed. Incredible amount of spots for 7 grams. Tons of red and black spots! Brand new pair for 2018 has done a killer job with supers! Each one could be a holdback!
    Red super dalmatian out of two red parents. Holdback we are selling to fund a project.
    Red Eye was produced by Altitude Exotics.
    Paydirt was produced by us here at Gecko Haven out of Mauna Kea and Frankincense.
    Mauna Kea was produced by Altitude Exotics out of their Confetti line.
    Frankincense out of Kung Pow and Azreal.
    $450 plus shipping.

    Discount for multiple purchases. Fed Pangea banana/apricot or watermelon. Crickets 2x a week.
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