2-3 weeks ago I got my first snake, a ball python named Steven. Everything has been going fine, but I have noticed some strange behaviour that only happens when I feed him.
He is offered 4 medium mice every saturday, but I will soon upgrade him to rats. When I fed him today he took the first mouse immediately but when I offered him the second mouse he started shaking like crazy and went to smell the mouse, back in his hide, smell the mouse, back in his hide and so on, so I offered him another mouse and he just did the same thing! Is this normal? I know that ball pythons can be very picky so its not that he isnt eating thats strange, but more his behaviour.
I feel like I should also mention that when he took the first mouse he also accidentally took some of the substrate, could that be affecting his wierd behaviour?
I hope someone can help me, im just really confused! xD