I am sure the topic of Temperature has come up more than once over the years, but I have a bit of a unique circumstance where I am so I would appreciate feedback if anyone can help me out.

I was contemplating acquiring a gargoyle gecko but I am not sure if the temperatures are adequate. Humidity I can obviously handle, I have the knowledge of exotic pet keeping for many years since childhood to be able to set it up properly. But the real question I have involves temperature. During the winter, at the current place that I live, the temperature is on the cooler Side by my standards, it is around 66 to 69 F during the daytime, increases to about 70 to 71 F during prime time, then drops again to 66 to 69 F at night. Personally I like it much warmer but heating costs are astronomical so I need to be conservative as much as I can.

That being said, do you think that this period of cooler temperatures in the winter would be harmful given that it lasts for about 5 months? The wiring here is terrible and I don't want to run heating pads, and a space heater would trip the breaker because I already tried that last year and it did not go well.

I could lean a couple of hand warmers against the outer layer of the terrarium (i.e. so the baby would not be burned) if that would make any difference.

During the summer, without the air conditioner, the temperature can be in the lower to mid 80s. I would have to run the AC much more often than I do now, but my girl can't stand the warmer temperatures so I have a feeling I will be running it more often then I want to anyway. I have a temperature gun that I can use to monitor actual temperatures, and I know they cannot be any warmer than the low 80s at the warmest without being at risk of issues.

Some of my critters, such as my Brachypelma hamorii and Hadrurus arizonensis may be more active in winter if they were kept a few degrees warmer, but the cooler temperatures are not lethal or harmful. They simply slow down and are not as active (in fact, H. arizonensis benefits from a cooler winter as it triggers their diapause which occurs in the wild).

I will not be living here forever, but I would hope I do not have to wait another couple of years to acquire a Garg.

But obviously I will not do so if it would be harmful to the little one. I value animal life too much for that, even at the expense of my desire to own one.

Thank you all in advance for any tips that you can provide.