Well Iím new to leachies and I canít seem to find the right keyword or perhaps it hasnít been asked but by how much do they change from baby to adult? Iím trying to pick one out I like and Iím not sure of the names associated with a picture or how much they should change. Like, I really like the dark vibrant green color but I canít tell if a light leachie may turn dark. Probably canít give much advice on that personal one but any hints on determining how they may look would help.

Also, if I get a baby I know people say itís bad to put them in a large enclosure because it scares them. If I got something like a 8x8x12 how long could I expect them to live in it from idk 3-4 months old (getting them at that age)? Or would a 12x12x18 be okay and last longer? Planning on making it bioactive.

Last question I kinda assume and is short. Is there a better gender to handle? I see more females than males on the market what makes them more desireable?

Thanks guys I have been really needing advice and I feel like there is a lot less on these guys!